In an ongoing effort to uphold the towns vision statement, the Town of Corning has chosen to offer a drop off recycling center at the town garage once a month. While the typically scheduled recycling day is the first Saturday of each month, holidays and other conflicts may force the actual date to fluctuate. For a current schedule of recycling dates, please use the calendar on the home page.

Recycling in the Town of Corning is easy. Corning currently utilizes Oneida County Solid Waste Department as a recycling repository. Oneida County drops off (2) containers for the towns residents to utilize. One container is for mixed containers, this includes: glass (clear, brown, and green), plastic (#1 - #7), aluminum cans, and tin cans. The other container is for mixed paper, this includes: newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, books, and pamphlets. Best of all, it's FREE!

One to two times per year, the Town will host a spring and/or fall clean-up day. The dates will be posted on the websites calendar, the local newspaper, and set at a town board meeting. Items collected at these days typically involve a fee. The recycling company sets a standard fee for each item and the Town of Corning pays half, while the resident pays the other half. Items collected at these clean-up days typically include: tires, microwaves, televisions, computers, fluorescent light bulbs, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and freezers. Watch this page and/or the calendar on the home page for clean-up dates.


Our garbage is now curbside pickup, by Harter’s. There are 2 bins one is for trash and one is for recycling.